Pesto Presto Lunch Delivery & Take Away

Fax: 084 831 4444 / Tel: 06 25 312 969 /

Vijzelstraat 89 / 1017 HG Amsterdam

Vijzelstraat 89
1017 HG Amsterdam

Tel: 06 2531 2969
Fax: 084 831 4444

Our shop is open daily van 8:00 to 14:30 (mon-fri).

You can reach us by phone from 8:00 to 17:00.

All about delivery and payment at PESTO PRESTO

PESTO PRESTO delivers Monday through Friday between 10:00 and 13:00. Different delivery times are possible if so desired. Please indicate your preferred time in the 'Delivery time' field on the order form Delivery. Delivery on weekends only for 150 sandwiches or more and after consultation.

Different Delivery Times

If a different delivery time has been indicated on the order form, the order will be delivered on or before the indicated time.

Delivery in luxury wooden boxes

If so desired, the sandwiches can be delivered in luxury wooden boxes (please indicate this on the order form). These boxes will be picked up the day after delivery or on another agreed date. In case of loss we charge € 20,00 per box.

Delivery in plug-and-play soup kettle

If desired, soup can be delivered in a plug-and-play soup kettle (specify on the order form) — with soup bowls and spoons too, if required. These will be collected by our delivery staff the day after delivery, or by appointment. Loss or breakages will be charged for (Soup kettle € 45.00 per kettle, Soup bowls € 2.50 each, Spoons € 1.00 each).

Delivery Area

Because PESTO PRESTO guarantees quality lunches with fresh sandwiches, the delivery area has been limited to Amsterdam, Schiphol, Amstelveen, and Diemen. For delivery to Schiphol, Amstelveen and Diemen an order minimum of 24 sandwiches applies. When the delivery address and payment address are not the same, please enter the delivery address on the order form.

Delivery Charges

PESTO PRESTO does not charge for delivery.

Take Away

If you have not ordered on time but do need sandwiches, you can place an order using the order form Take Away and come to our shop to pick up the sandwiches. Our shop is open daily van 8:00 to 14:30 (mon-fri).


On the order form Delivery you can indicate if you would like to pay cash or with PIN on delivery or prefer to receive an invoice. In our shop you can pay with a bank card (pin).


Invoices need to be settled within the 14-day payment period. Invoices are sent weekly, per contact, unless otherwise agreed. Invoices sent by regular mail or email incur a € 3,50 surcharge.

Monthly Invoicing

Monthly invoicing is only possible after consultation and after PESTO PRESTO has received the completed debtors form. You can download the debtors form. After filling out the debtors form, please send it to PESTO PRESTO by regular mail, or hand it to the PESTO PRESTO delivery person. The debtors form has to be completed by a person with the right level of authority within the company.

If, in case of monthly invoicing, invoices are not settled within the standard payment period, monthly invoicing will be stopped and invoices will be sent weekly again.

Changing an Invoice

Invoices cannot be changed. If changes to an invoice are required, the original invoice will be credited and a new invoice will be issued. Charges apply (€ 7,50).

Debtors form Download the debtors form »